Wat is Le COI?

What is COI in French?

What is a COI? COI stands for Complément d'objet indirect, or indirect object. It also shows the object of the action, but unlike the COD, the COI is introduced by a preposition this time.

How do you use COI in French?

Un COI refers to the indirect object of the sentence. It is often preceded by a preposition. For example: Il donne un cadeau à sa mère (He gives his mother a gift): un cadeau is the COD and sa mère is the COI; Je te parle (I'm talking to you): te is the COI because we say parler à (to talk to).

How do you replace COI in French?

The pronouns COD and COI in French are the same, EXCEPT for if the pronoun designates a person or an object, which can be replaced by "il" and "elle" in singular and plural.

How do you identify COD and COI in French?

How to Tell Them Apart

  1. A COI is usually preceded by the preposition à.
  2. A COD answers the questions what or who, while a COI answers the questions to whom or for whom.

Why do we use COI?

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